Environment Protection for Solar Powered Devices

Knowledge about Environment Protection for Solar Powered Devices is essential when evaluating the specification of the product.

We are giving our recommendations when shopping for outdoor Solar powered devices and buy with confidence.  While solar powered devices continue to innovate, efficiency as well as affordability are also improving over time.  There are new designs and ideas that can be found in our store such as solar powered lighting for landscape to decorate your garden.  You may also find the solar powered wifi CCTV camera and many other solar outdoor products.Solar Path Lights installed in roads

Since these are outdoor devices, they need to protect the electronics circuitry and sensitive parts inside the device against installations procedures & heavy weather conditions.  This is important  to maintain the desired performance and durability of your investment.  In most cases, dust or smoke and moist may enter the enclosure.  Salt build up or degraded insulation are the usual cause of short circuit aside from board corrosion.

Environment Protection ability of your outdoor device is defined by the IP rating.  IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection ratings.  It describes the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures and devices against intrusion from foreign bodies.

Solar Path Lights installed in roads

Solar Wall Street Lights under Heavy Rain
Solar Wall Street Lights under Heavy Rain

Here are some tips for you when you buy such solar powered outdoor devices:

  1. IP rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits, the higher the number the better the protection. For example  IP43  or IP50
  2. The first digit after IP (4 & 5 in our example above) indicates the protection against intrusion of solid bodies or gas with micro solids riding in the air.  It can also be dirt from tools or hands in contact with the device or enclosure.  The lowest value can be 0 for no protection and the highest value can be 6 which means totally protected for dust.
  3. The second digit after IP (3 & 0 from our example above) denotes the protection from liquids which includes moist.  The highest value for our solar devices is 6 which is capable of protection against strong jet sprays such as water splashes in high seas or water mix blown from power jets.  But other standards have extended this rating up to 8 which denotes protection from continuous immersion for 1 meter under water.
  4. For your reference on environment protection guide for our solar powered devices ,  you may visit this chart
Solar Bench Stair Path Lights
Solar Bench Stair Path Lights

Most of our solar powered landscape lighting have high IP ratings which will give you enough protection from heavy weather variations in your country.  It is best to consult with your local Trade or Commerce Ministry Department on the required IP ratings of products.

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